Joanna Wojcik was born and raised in Slupsk, the city located near the Polish sea shore, and has been entertaining people for a few decades. Joanna participated in various talent competitions and has been recognized for her vocal and drama talent with many awards, such as Golden Ring in Kolobrzeg and Brown Samovar in Zielona Gora. As a young adult Joanna continued her artistic adventure and performed with a group Flotylla, Constans and Kama Music, all from Gdansk, Poland. She also performed for a Music Theatre Hals. Since 2005, the year Joanna arrived in Atlanta, she became a well-known personality on the Polish community entertainment scene. Joanna worked as a volunteer for the Polish Pierogi Festival every year. Her great support is not limited to the Festival. Joanna oversees the programs for other important community events, such as Polish Christmas Celebration, Taste of Poland Festival, Children’s Ball, performances of a theater group Teatr Kurtynka. Joanna is well known as a DJ for the New Year’s Ball, Valentines Ball, weddings and other significant occasions. During her residency in the USA, Joanna recorded three albums and continues to work on her future productions.